Why PUBG mobile banned in Nepal?

PUBG mobile

If you’re familiar with what some politicians in the USA think about shooting games especially after recent events regarding the gun violence then you know they are trying to ban it. Well, some country actually managed to do that. This country is Nepal which is located in South Asia in the Himalayas. PUBG mobile is banned thereafter Nepal Police got approval from the Court after months of complaints from the parents in Kathmandu because of the harmful effects the game has on their children like addiction and wasting lots time playing without doing homework, taking care of personal hygiene or even sleeping. They also became scared after the accidents in India that happened due to distraction by the game. So after getting their attention the police evaluated the issue with specialists and schools to take action and ban the game. Maybe this decision is conducted in good faith but banning PUBG mobile is a limitation to the freedom of the internet, besides that parents should be in control of their children in regard to this issue by showing them the wrong and the right. Teaching them the importance of time management and not to just focus on something that has the possibility of causing damage to their minds or bodies. Not just demanding a total ban to the famous PUBG game.

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