What were the updates in the Army Attack version of PUBG Mobile that were released last year?

As we know, the other China-exclusive version of PUBG Mobile gets the updates first and is considered a testing ground for the creators of the game. So last year there were some fresh changes applied to the game. Expanding the maximum number for players in the arcade mode from 28 to 100 players without increasing the size of the map. Adding a new section to the lobby named Armor Library where you can have a look at every available weapon in the game along with its properties, accessories, and explanations. Another feature allows the player to mute certain people from the squad. There is also an expansion to the customization of buttons. They added glass to the windows in every building to be more realistic. Finally, a third arm option to support the two main weapons for each player, which is limited to pistols. Now which of these updates made it to the global version?

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