What is the meaning of these titles in PUBG mobile?

When the game is over you usually receive at least one of those shining PUBG mobile medals with a catchy word on it like terminator or gunslinger. These are rewards for your achievements during the match and each one stands for something. The Prone to Prone appears when you move in the prone position. The Gunslinger when you kill between 7 and 10. The Terminator when you kill over 10. Berserker for killing more than 3, dealing damage over 800 and surviving for more than 20 min. Chicken Master when you rank 1 with +5 kills. Nugget Dinner when ranking first with less than five kills. Too soon when you die in the first 3 min of landing. And so the list goes on with more than 30 phrases which you can check them all on the WeGame For PUBG mobile.

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