What is the better Machine Gun between M249 and DP28 in PUBG mobile?

The Better MG title in PUBG mobile goes to the one that can only be found in the airdrop crate, which is the M249. It has 100 rounds per mag with a firing rate as fast as the M16 (the MG from Rambo first blood part 1). It is harder to control despite having low recoil but because of its firing rate. This problem is overcome by changing to the prone mode and so leaves us with another one, which is the fact that this weapon has the longest reload time in the game. As for the other one the DP28, which is a bit slow but destructive. Has it’s signature 47-round pan magazine. It comes with strong recoil but is manageable due to its low firing rate. And has no attachments except for the 6x scope.

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