What is so special about Vikendi in PUBG Mobile?

What is so special about Vikendi in PUBG Mobile? 3

Each map in PUBG Mobile brings some flavor to the game. Miramar with its Saharan feature, Sanhok so small and chaotic, and Erangel the first map with its forests and is the bringer of nostalgia for players. Now Vikendi is the latest addition to the collection with its snowy climate and introducing a new depth to the stealth attacks in the game. The terrain of Vikendi makes the players stand out especially if they are in an open location without any cover, thanks to the white snow-covered areas. The map also has more forest coverage than the previous maps providing stealth chances and makes the players always alert and considering each and every move they make. There is always the feeling of being followed in Vikendi and a lot of times the player thinks he caught a glimpse of someone peeking out of some tree. The map also can expose player using the tracks feature though it rarely works and also has the footsteps sound more clear than in the other maps, because of the snow. Another thing about this map is the interesting places and their names. There is a Dinosaur theme Park, How cool is that.

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