What are the Best uses of Coins in PUBG Mobile?

Coins in PUBG Mobile

We’re going to tell you what are the uses of coins in PUBG Mobile today. PUBG Mobile features various in game purchases such as Gun skins, costumes, Vehicle skins and more. You can also earn UC credits as you level up your Royale Pass ranking. Emotes are also available at certain level of RPs and it’s cool to show it off to your teammates, friends and other players. But there is one feature of PUBG Mobile not of much importance. That is the coins. What are the uses of coins in PUBG Mobile?

How many coins can you earn and how can you use them?

In PUBG Mobile, you can earn a lot of coins. Simply logging into the game everyday will earn you certain number of coins. Playing the game with your friends will earn you coins. In fact, coins are the easiest to earn and they are available in maximum quantity for almost every PUBG Mobile gamer. But the question remains – are they really useful? We will see some of the uses of coins in PUBG Mobile. See how many coins I have collected so far.

Uses of Coins in PUBG Mobile

That’s some numbers – almost a million! The number would have been well over a million if I had not used them in the past. So here are some uses of coins in PUBG Mobile.

Uses of PUBG Mobile coins to Complete RP Missions

Yes, this is probably one of the best use of your PUBG Mobile coins. However, this option is not available all the time. You sometimes get an RP missions that says something like “spend 30000 BP”. I forgot to mention that coins are also called BP or Battle Points in PUBG Mobile. So in such cases, you can spend your BP coins and complete your RP mission to rank up. Coins are available in plenty for every players so it’s easy to spend them.

Where to Spend your BP or Coins?

Follow the steps below to start spending your coins or BP points.

Go to shop from the lobby, there you will find Soldier’s crates at the bottom right. You can not buy premium crates with your BP or coins. You can only purchase soldier’s crates. That’s a little frustrating because Soldier’s crates doesn’t have much valuable or at least desirable inventory. Most of the items are cheap and not unique. If you get items from soldier’s crate by spending your coins, chances are that millions of players already have that item.

You can spend unlimited amount of coins or BP in opening those crates. The limit of course be when you spent all your coins. The coins earning or collecting system seems to have stem from the recent gaming boom. Coins are everywhere nowadays. you will most likely have to collect them in every Mobile game you play – From subway surfer to Temple Run, every new game seems to reward you with cheap coins. In PUBG Mobile, they simply call them BP. It’s still coins of not much value.

Can I use BP or coins to purchase RP in PUBG Mobile?

Sorry to disappoint you but no. RP upgrade is possible only by using UC Credits. And you know how UCs can be earned in PUBG Mobile. RP upgrade is also possible by purchasing it with real money, yeah the kind with your real world credit cards and stuffs. I do sincerely hope that BP or coins in PUBG Mobile will be more useful in the coming updates. As it stands now, they are not that important or useful, considering their well availability. But what can we do about it? So take note of the above uses and make the most from your PUBG Mobile coins.

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