What are the Most common guns in the game?

What are the Most common guns in the game? 5


The best guns in this game include the UZI which is recommended in case you don’t have a big gun. It has a fast firing rate with no recoil and good damage. Uses 9mm bullets. Another gun is the UMP9, the fan-favorite that has better shooting range than the UZI. Better attached with a 3X or 4X and extended mag and suppressor. Also, there is the AKM and despite its recoil, this gun is doing great amongst the community. It can withstand 2 bursts round. Preferred to be attached with a 6X but not good for long-range shooting. Last we have the Kar 98K the most common sniper rifle. So powerful it can damage through level two helmet. Uses 7.62mm. and the list continues.

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