What are the Best DMR Guns in PUBG Mobile?


What are the Best DMR Guns in PUBG Mobile?

So you’re into PUBG Mobile lately and are looking out for strategies, tips and tricks of PUBG Mobile? Welcome to the club and if you’re looking for the best DMR guns in PUBG Mobile, we are here to help. I reached Ace tier with total ratings of 4652 in PUBG Mobile Season 3. So I do have my favs and I am going to share them.

In case you didn’t know…

The phenomenal PUBG Mobile has taken over a large chunk of online gamers. The graphic intense , tactical battle royale game keeps its features improved with every update. PUBG Mobile Season 4 has started and if you’re looking for what’s new, you can find our post here. What’s new in PUBG Season 4.

Here are the best DMR guns in PUBG Mobile.

DMRs (Designated Marksman Rifles) :

1) VSS

VSS has it’s advantages over others. The fact that it has inbuilt suppressors and 4x scope makes VSS a good pick single piece. You need not search for attachments except for an extended magazine. Master the use of VSS and you could very well knock out your enemies before they even know from which direction the shots came. On the downside, it uses 9mm rounds and is not good for long range take out.

PUBG Mobile VSS Gun

2) Mini 14 and QBU

Both uses 5.56mm rounds and thy do better for medium range shots. They being single shot, and needs attachment to be more lethal, can be a good second choice if you have a good Assault Rifle as primary gun.

PUBG Mobile QBU PUBG Mobile Mini 14

3) SKS and SLRs are not bad choice.

While SKS can fit most sniper attachments, SLR can house most AR attachments and also 8x scope as well. They are a good choice for medium range targets and I’d choose SLR, then SKS rather than go for either of the above three.


4) MK14

Mk14 is found only in air drops, this is a very good DMR indeed. It uses 7.62mm rounds which deals more damage than its 5.56mm counterparts. 10 normal magazine bullets can be extended upto 20. It comes with a bipod although recoils are on the higher side.

MK14 of PUBG

5) KAR98K and M24

They are a much better choice of all DMRs. Firing 7.62mm rounds, these two are lethal in the hands of patient and accurate shooter. Single headshot can knock out the enemy even at medium to long range. On the down side, the reload and time gap between shots are pretty long. These can be found in normal loots in houses and shelters.

Kar98K PUBG Mobile PUBG Mobile M24

6) AWM

This mighty DMR is no doubt the best amongst all because of it’s lethal impact. Firing .300 magnum bullets and found only in air drops with limited 20 bullets. The AWM can take out the enemy in one shot even if they are wearing level 3 helmet. Be afraid, be very afraid because this is one of the best guns in PUBG Mobile.


So here’s my pick in order.

  1. AWM
  2. M24
  3. Kar98K
  4. Mk14
  5. SLR
  6. VSS
  7. SKS
  8. Mini 14
  9. QBU.

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PUBGBlogger is an avid PUBG Mobile Gamer. Ace player in Season 3 and 5 respectively with reach of Royale Pass 100. Loves to share the best and useful PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks. Happy Chicken Dinner!

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