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unlock pubg banned account 1


PUBG is getting popular Day-by-day, and more strict with their regulation and terms. The game team has set a ban duration as a detention, for players who violating guidelines such as hacking, using third-party software and other community guidelines. Depending on the user actions some might be more of temporarily or permanently banning. Yet hackers only are not banned, so avoid playing with them.

Temporary bans can vary between 2-3 days, and in such cases, the user does only need to wait for the ban to be lifted. 

Moreover, permanently ban duration approximately varies between 10-100 years. Unlocking pubg banned account, sometimes might happen accidentally from the game setting, but if the user is sure of its actions during playing, would find a way to unban the account by contacting Pubg Team at Tencent and upload the complaint, with further information and details, with a proof that ban was pointless to the account.  

But if the account is permanently banned for actually using unfair means such as hacking, cheating, exploiting bugs, using 3rd-party apps. Here then account banning is pubg team rights. Then you’re better off playing with a new account or playing on PC (which is way better than the mobile version), otherwise on the consoles.

An easy method to resume playing is to make a new account and avoid anything that illegal and breakable for the game terms. 

As well, the user can have access to its account within simple steps, described as followed:- 

Change your device ID > ES File Explorer > VPN >  file unban manager.

Customize your ID to a new ID. Copy and tap on Apply to give your device a permission for ID changing. A confirmation message will be sent to your device. 

ES File Explorer is a must application that helps on unbanning account by going through its files and save the new ID as user-customized.
To have a strong connection to the internet and quite fast access, VPN is required, only with setting your location, you will be connected. File unban manager, is the helping step through unban the account. 

However, try to avoid gaming with third-party apps and follow the regulation. 



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