unlock banned pubg mobile

unlock banned pubg mobile 3

There’s a lot of methods to try to unlock banned PUBG mobile account. You need first to figure out the reasons why you where blocked also what you are willing to do to get your account to get around.

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The easiest way to do it is to contact the PUBG support team, they will try to help you with all your needs and get your account back by guiding you with steps or doing it themselves, they might take time and not respond to you right now but it’s the only legal way you can do it and you should not at any costs try to fool around or approach something illegal.

Some of the illegal ways to get your account is by using an emulator and downloading a script or by using some codes but that may get you in a more trouble with PUBG team, you can also contact a hacker or a programmer but all these methods will be a waste of time and effort and most of them are useless because PUBG team always knows and may punish you with more ban years.

If it is impossible to get your account back, unfortunately, you need to make a new account and you will start new.

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