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unlock banned account pubg mobile 5

Everyday it seems there’s a new way to unlock or unban PUBG mobile accounts if you searching for an answer online you could get pulled into a dark hole of hundreds and hundreds of tricks and tips to get your account back in minutes or even seconds and it might be overwhelming and stressful but the real way to do that is really simple.

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First you need to figure out the reason that got you banned, you could find it in your history or in an email sent to you by PUBG, after you find it then you need to contact PUBG support team and you could do that by logging into your account and flair a complaint and you will enter a chat with one of the customer service or you could go to the website and contact them by an email, you must provide them with all the information and details that lead you to the ban and be completely honest you have nothing to lose or worry about and they will help you with all.

The other ways are totally unofficial and illegal and could get you in more problems or damages so no gain of taking that row.


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