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There are two kinds of bans when it comes to unlock your account on pubg mobile. It could go up to 3650 days, and also it can be a temporary ban for two or four days max and that will be lifted off as soon as the days go by, but a permanent one could be up to 10 years and that in gaming is like a life sentence.


The safest and legal way of getting your account is by connecting with PUBG support team by email or by using chat at the game, they are very helpful and friendly and will get to you as soon as they could and will help you with all the problems and answer all your questions.

The other ways are not very useful and mostly illegal and will lead you into more problems some will even leave a permanent damage in your device, are codes or scripts giving by random websites and programmers trying to profit from the game popularity and active gamers by stealing their money or hack into their accounts and get all the info and they desire.

So make the right decision it might be the hard long path by connecting PUBG team but that will save your time, effort and even money that you could use in the game when you get your account back legally. 

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