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unlock account banned.lua 8

If you trying to unlock account banned using .lua or another script to help you find a way to unban your account even if you are a programmer or hacker you will be in a very risky situation because PUBG has a great team of developers that are always working on finding people who use illegal methods to get accounts unbanned and will have no tolerant on your account whatsoever if they figure it out.

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Most of the codes and scripts out there are used and known by developers so it may not work or affect your device in a bad way so don’t put yourself in a situation like that, even if they say that they will provide you with an original script of PUBG you cannot trust them because they are only in dire for money by stealing some data and accounts.

The best way is to try and connect with PUBG team, they will help you to gain your account and help you with the problem you can connect with them from the websites or from the game by issuing a problem they will be in touch with you and will help you. Don’t listen to all the websites and accounts online offering script for free or money because of it all illegal ways and not official by the PUBG team.

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