Unbanned pubg mobile account

Unbanned pubg mobile account 3

 You need to first figure out what type of PUBG ban you got yourself into, if its a temporary ban it could last for one or two day max and you could wait for the ban to be lift-off  but if the ban is more than that it means you got permanently banned that sometimes could go for more than 100 years which means forever. 

Reasons, why an account is permanently banned, is an account being permanently banned is due to cheating, disrespecting other players or being toxic and using offensive names and could also lead to permanent log out as they trying to keep the community and environment safe and all pleasant experiences.

To get rid off a ban if you as a player have not cheated by codes or maps sometimes even if you used third-party apps that qualify as cheating also, but if you did nothing of that you could contact pubg support team by giving proven detailed evidences that you haven’t cheated where they’ll lift the ban from your mobile account and if you have cheated also give them specific details about what you did and by showing remorse and sincere in your apology and they may accept it and you get to enjoy playing pubg again.

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