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Using cheat codes, bug abuse, or playing PUBG Mobile game using a third-party app, would result in banning your account, as you the game regulation and terms went broke or violated. The player behavior and attitude which are measurable y the game team can detect the duration of account banning, for an instant, there are several Pubg Mobile Players who complained of getting their account banned for 3650 days, in other words, permanently banned.

Account banning is the lowest sort of banning that taken by the game team if they figured out that you are a hacker of a violated, yet cancelation of the banning is available, by clearing up the game data and go for a new account. 

ID internet banning considered as a medium sort of banning, but as well you can communicate with your internet company and request them to solve your ID problem, or you can download applications of ID changer. 

Hardware banning is the strongest between the three, pubg game team does use this kind of ban. By blocking your Mac Address, pubg mobile doesn’t use this kind of ban but account banning.  

The reasons behind banning account is when the player kills its own team, as well, pubg mobile can get your account banned in case of an alliance with someone who is not on your team. Using external parts for PC and Mobile also can cause account banning. The account can be banned in the case of using the GFX Tool program that hacks the game folders. 


Unban mobile account, can be solved in a very slight way unless it wasn’t a hardware banning. 


Exist from game > tap on message “a default message to let the game team know you have a problem” > Help > tap on chat > communicate with the game team with the default message > tap on “I need to communicate with someoneand send your E-mail. 

*Note: send the game team your e-mail that connected with the game.

Wait for 10 days as an approximate duration of an unban mobile account.

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