Unban PUBG mobile Facebook

Unban PUBG mobile Facebook 8

To unban your mobile Facebook PUBG account from a temporary ban you just wait it will automatically be unbanned and there’s no need to do a thing about it but for a permanently ban there is really no way you can do that without connecting with PUBG support team you could say that someone hacked into your account and it’s not you that been playing and broke the policy rules they cannot really deny or confirm that and it work more than it supposed to and they will lift the ban and you get your Facebook account back.

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There are also illegal methods to do that by using emulator or download script online or pay a programmer/ hacker to help you but these are not official and will complicate things for you and you should always put in mind that anything illegal is highly prohibited by PUBG team and the punishments are irreversible. 

If it all doesn’t work, unfortunately, you have to make a new Facebook account to log into the game and you will start new losing all your achievements.

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