unban pubg mobile facebook account

unban pubg mobile facebook account 3

unban pubg mobile facebook account

PUBG Mobile, who doesn’t love this game, and if you are reading this, you are probably a PUBG Mobile gamer as well.

some of us PUBG players might spend a lot of time playing this game, like for months and even for years now because it’s now almost 2 years since this game was launched by the giant gaming company Tencent, to get the full facts about Tencent developing PUBG you can  READ ALSO :TENCENT-PUBG

So as I said, if you started playing PUBG Mobile very early, you are playing it for almost 2 years, practicing every day,  trying to find those loots spots and chasing the airdrops to get the best weapons and gear ,  playing for hours to figure out the best weapons and tactics for you to get that chicken dinner, and climbing the ranks to the top after a lot of hard work and time invested in this game.

And some day you wake up you go to play PUBG as usual, and boom surprise YOUR ACCOUNT IS BANNED!!!


unban pubg mobile facebook account 4


And it is not a simple block that you normally do not care about, you take a break of 2 or 3 days from the game and then you are good to go, as you can see in the picture it is a 365 days and you don’t have to be a math genius to realize that this means 10 whole years! Yes that’s the new rule.


WHY PUBG rules are so strict now?

The players base of PUBG Mobile grew very fast, and everyday there is more and more cheaters and hackers, and no one is catching them because the “Anti Cheat” algorithm of PUBG Mobile is very weak compared to the PC version, So the Operations team took this issue very seriously and one of their ways is the 10 years ban we talked about above which was already implemented on about 3000 account only 2 weeks after announcing it.

But when you are a good player and don’t cheat and still get a ten years block, it is the most frustrating feeling ever, but don’t worry guys I will show you the way to get your PUBG Mobile Facebook account back .

So before talking your banned account let’s figure out why you got banned, to make sure you avoid another ban from now on.

Why you got banned from PUBG Mobile?




As PUBG’s way to appeal a ban is a bit more confusing than most other games, we decided to write this article to make it easier for you.

Before that, however, let’s see what can get you banned from PUBG, to make sure you avoid getting banned in the first place!

  • Cheating – third party software or any other device that can affect the gameplay and provide you with any kind of an advantage over other players. Cheating is taken very seriously, as you probably know from the massive December PUBG BAN WAVE.
  • toxicity – any type of offensive statements made towards other players, such as nationality related, gender, race and so forth, as well as harassment and other forms of threats;
  • offensive nicknames – treated just as toxicity;

If you want to know more about things that can get you bannned    READ ALSO: 5-ways to get banned in PUBGM

Can you unblock your PUBG Mobile  Facebook

In reality, there is no specific clear answer to this question, because we don’t know how the team of PUBG is viewing these cases, but after some researches, I believe that getting unbanned from PUBG depends on two major things, the reason of your ban, and how guilty are you; I mean the proofs you provide about your case, where and how are you going to deliver those proofs? We will explain all of that.

So for making an Unban request or appeal, you need to contact the Official Support team on PUBG and create a ticket which is basically your message to the support team.

You don’t know what to do and how to create the ticket.

READ MORE in tour specific tutorial with the links and pictures: CREATE-TICKET-UNBAN-PUBG


IF you want to unlink your Facebook account from PUBG?

It’s pretty easy, just go to “Settings and Privacy”>>then “Account Settings”>>then “Apps”>>click ‘Edit’ in “Logged In With Facebook”>> then mark “PUBG” as a option>>Press “Remove”.

That’s it and now Facebook will not share anymore data with PUBG.








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