unban pubg mobile facebook account script download

unban pubg mobile facebook account script download 7

Soft ban as in 2/3/5 days that’s temporary just wait for the pubg team while reviewing your issue and enjoy playing another game until you get unbanned and you will get your account back.

if you got permanently banned as in more than 100 years that is harsh I know but if you cheated you pay the price as PUBG terms and conditions are perfectly clear when it comes to cheating. Honestly it extremely hard to get your account back. your options here are either you make a new facebook account where you will lose your previous achievements but that’s a way to get in the game, or you could contact pubg team which is more difficult and some players never get a response but you still have to try because they are not easy to convince but you might try your way where you become one of the lucky ones.

as my advice for you just make a new facebook account and log in, you already got the skills and don’t try to push the pubg team especially if you cheated and try not to cheat again just start brand new in the game.

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