unban pubg mobile facebook account emulator

unban pubg mobile facebook account emulator 5

If you looking for a way to unban your Facebook account by using emulator you need to know what type of ban you been served to, if it is temporary ban that last for two days or max up to five days you don’t need to have an emulator it will be unbanned soon just wait on it. But if you got a permanent ban then you need to consider ways to unban it.

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If you¬† want to find an easy emulator that you could work with especially if you are not a programmer it’s hard to understand codes one will work really good and it is simple is an android emulator after that you will have to open PUBG file and find the code page you then will have to insert some codes that you could find online that will help you lift the ban.

Be aware that a lot of codes out there are a hoax and could harm your device or your account and also keep in mind by changing any code that will affect the game so keep a note with every change you did that ever if you faced a problem you could know where exactly and fix it.

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