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unban pubg mobile account 1

In the term of Breaking regulation or violations the game rules such as using cheat codes, bug abuse, or playing PUBG Mobile game using a third-party app. the account would defiantly be banned from the game team. There is no fixed duration for the banning, as the game varies depending on the user behavior and attitude, for an instant, there are several PUBG Mobile Players who complained of getting their account banned for 3650 days, in other words, permanently banned. Also, the account can be banned for the short term in-between two to three days. However, within simple and short steps that can be followed easily, there is a way out, to keep you connected to your account and resume gaming. 

Manually, the user needs to set up its mobile internet setting to get the account unbanned from pubg game. Set up the DNS cloud flare to the mobile. To avoid any other problems, logout and turn off the game, and search for a control panel. Search for network and internet, and then change adapter settings.  

The next step is to choose, which sort of internet is usable by the mobile. All the same, Wi-Fi is more proof of not having internet interruption and low connection which helps more on keeping the server without timeout. However, choose the right properties to choose the sort of internet connection. 

Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) is the followed step, where the user can choose properties again, they will notify with a files to ask the user to choose from, yet choose “Use the Following DNS server address” to put the numbers as ordered. 

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