unban 10 years pubg mobile

unban 10 years pubg mobile 1

If you ever been banned from PUBG mobile that means for sure you have violated their policy some way or another you could use some forbidden cheat codes or maps, been violent to players or used offensive language PUBG take all these matters very seriously and they got harsh punishment like 10 years to ban that is like forever but don’t here are some helpful tips you could use:

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When you put a complaint about the PUBG team try to be polite and apologetic they tend to answer and listen to people use these language methods.

  1. you can say that someone used and hacked your account this technique work most of the time because if you get hacked it difficult to know if it true.
  2. be consistent and don’t try to use any illegal method they will keep in a track so it is possible to not get caught.

It is kind of impossible to be unbanned from 10 years ban but they might reduce your ban length and that is good so be realistic and don’t get your hopes high and if it matters that much to you just make a new account and start all over again.

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