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Free PUBG Mobile UC is something most players are longing to, where If you want to buy new items or outfits to boost your character view and to spend some money on it you’ll need some UC which is Unknown Cash that’s the currency that been used in the game and it will also allow you to buy some other cool stuff too.

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You cannot really get UC for free and it can only happen sometimes if you purchased an ultimate royale bundle you will able to obtain free UC and the more you win and raise your kill numbers the more you’ll be rewarded with UC but that’s the only way you could get it for free.

Some streamers and gamers online will grant giveaways and some websites also do that so keep an eye on that. Doing surveys will get you free UC in your account as a way of them paying you real money.

But the whole selling out that you could get free UC from somewhere apps or websites just like that it’s illegal and will give you a ban.

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