Top 6 RAREST items in PUBG NO found

Top 6 RAREST items in PUBG NO found 7


Hello PUBG  gamers and welcome, in this article we are going to talk about a very interesting topic, what will be going over is the top rarest items in PUBG, this list is going to consist of anything that can either be a common spawn in regular PUBG or also exclusive to airdrops , just anything that is extremely rare in PUBG can make it into this list, with that being said, let’s go into the top rarest items in PUBG .


So coming in at our number 6 spot , it is going to be


Top 6 RAREST items in PUBG NO found 8

It used to be strictly in airdrops but now you can find it in PUBG regular world that’s why it is not high in this list but it’s still a rare healing item, it is very good and useful, it is a boost item that you can use and it takes as long as a painkiller however it takes your boost meter instantly to 100 and you can massive chunks of health pack.

Taking our number spot is one I felt I should put here, it’s going to be the level 3 helmet.


Top 6 RAREST items in PUBG NO found 9

Level 3 helmets are rare as they’re only in airdrops right now if you didn’t know that, they’re not a common spawn anymore and you have to get them out of crates but they’re .

Another even more rare item, coming in at our number 4 spot is another drop only item and this

4-The ghillie suit

Unlike the level 3 helmets, you are not going to get this in every airdrop, in fact I don’t know the exact rates for these, but I’d say just based on my experience, it is probably 2/20 airdrops, you’ll end up getting a ghillie suit, normally they are tagged with a sniper, the biggest advantage of the ghillie suit is not only the fact that you can lay down in the grass and be completely invisible, but also the best advantage is that it hides the bulkiness of your backpack you can still wear a level 3 bag without having that stick out wherever you’re sitting in because sometimes you can spot people just by the bulkiness of their bags.


Our next rare item is a weapon now



It is unbelievably hard to get, even after it is released in the normal word and it is not exclusively in airdrops, actually I feel like I played with this weapon a lot more when it was only in airdrops, well I may be unlucky!



It exclusively in airdrops,  AWM is beast gun which can damage level 3 helmet in one shot. Other sniper can’t do that. If you are using kar98k or M24 you can’t knock or kill a enemy if he is wearing level 3 helmet rather than enemy now know your location which is dangerous.

And if enemy were occupied with AWM. You know what is going to happen. While it is risky to loot a air drop but it worth it.

Now ladies and gentlemen finally, the number one item of our list this has to be none other than


Top 6 RAREST items in PUBG NO found 10

I don’t know if you guys have ever played with this thing before, this is extremely rare and it is used to cal-in a special supply-crate drop, the supply crate you get upon firing the Flare Gun is unlike the regular airdrop, it is supported by 3 parachutes and contains much  better supplies, if you fire it inside the white circle you’ll get a big supply crate with 3 level-3 weapons and armor and maybe a ghillie suit to, if you fire it outside the white circle, you’ll get an armored UAZ with metal slats on windows and a windshield.












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