Top PUBG Mobile Funny Moments Compilation 2019

PUBG Mobile Funny Moments

PUBG Mobile Blog today brings you the Top PUBG Mobile Funny Moments Compilation 2019. The game is an interesting Battle Royale Online Multiple Players who Paratroop off of a plane and then hunt for loots and kill everyone else except their team mates. The cool costumes, guns and vehicle skins and dance moves are some of the features that makes it interesting. Added to it are the voice chat features of PUBG Mobile which can be set to mute, team or all.

Is PUBG Mobile Meant for Funny Gameplay?

Well, not exactly. It is meant for the Chicken Dinner for the best and luckiest Players or squads. However, many players do enjoy the game and sometimes face or intentionally create funny moments. These are fun to watch and they seem to entertain us more often than not. So with that in mind, we come up with our best and top PUBG Mobile Funny Moments Compilation 2019. The videos do not all belong to us and we give credit to their creators. So here they are.

And here are some of the latest uploads on YouTube. Also do check out our YouTube Channel.

And the Funny PUBG Mobile Moments Compilations are just for fun. You may drop a link to your own creation too in the comments section below.

Bonus video. Here is the Official PUBG Soundtrack by Alan Walker. It’s really a nice song by the way. The remix with the dialogues of the real gameplay makes it even better. Have you listened to it? Have you watched the video? Here we share for you.

You an Listen to this song in-game as well. If you haven’t or don’t know how to, here’s how to play the song at the lobby.

You will find an option to play the song on the bottom left near the “invite friends” button. The screenshot below should help you find it easily.

PUBG Mobile Funny Moments

PUBG Mobile Season 6

PUBG Mobile season 6 has already started and there are already 5.5 million players who hold Elite Royale Pass as of today. The fact that it’s highly popular, addictive multiplayer online battle game is seen with each season and each update. Bookmark PUBGMobileBlog and keep informed of the latest PUBG Mobile Tips Tricks and News.

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