server timeout reconnect pubg mobile

server timeout reconnect pubg mobile 1

While you are in the middle of the heat of the game and the message “server timeout” keeps on popping on the screen and affecting your game that could be annoying when you are playing but it not a hard problem to fix.

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  • Check your connection: it is hard to know why your connection is not working but if you are using your mobile data that could lead to the bad connection servers, it is preferred if you connect to a wifi because the signal is stronger than the mobile data and will not be weak easily, there is a small mobile wifi router if you are a gamer on the go.
  • Relocate yourself: if you are in an underground place like the basement for example likely you will reserve a bad signal and then the server timeout will appear so relocate yourself to an upper floor and always be next to a router that the ideal problem solution for that.
  • Don’t disturb mode: a lot of people don’t use that but it is very helpful because and it will cut down distractions and notification, phone calls anything that may interpret your gaming so your connection signal will be always excellent and your gaming will be smooth and clear.

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