Server Timeout Reconnect Issue Fix for PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Internet Issue Fixed

If you are a regular PUBG Mobile player like many others, you must have face many a times this issue. It keeps saying Server Timeout. Reconnect? Let’s learn today why this error keep popping out and why this error disturb your flow of game. We will also learn how to get this issue in PUBG Mobile fixed with the most effective solution. Meanwhile, did you know there Call of Duty Mobile is coming? This is going to compete with PUBG Mobile for sure. Read more about it here. Until the release of COD Mobile, PUBG Mobile will remain uncontested, considering its massive popularity among youths and Mobile Gamers.

Server Timeout Reconnect error PUBG Mobile

Why do i Keep getting Server Timeout Error?

First of all, let’s take a look at why and how this error arise within the game. This server timeout, reconnect issue arise while playing PUBG Mobile and keeps disturbing you – even to the point of getting you killed and lost that chicken dinner. This issue arise when the player’s internet connection is intermittent. Your internet connection breaks in between when the network signal strength is not good or when you receive phone calls or about to receive one. As we all know PUBG Mobile is an online game and one needs an active internet connection to play the game. Now having said that, just an internet connection is not sufficient for a smooth gameplay, you need a great connection where the ping is below 200ms. If the ping is below 100, you need not worry as it is a very good speed.

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How to Fix Server timeout reconnect error in PUBG Mobile?

Now that we know the cause of this error, let’s look for possible and best way to fix server timeout reconnect error in PUBG Mobile. As said before, the fool-proof and most effective way is to get a better connection. Since the error is caused by intermittent internet connection, fixing that is the best way obviously. But what if that is not an option?

Play from the server closest to you

It is true that certain servers may have less better players than you at a certain point of time. For example, Europe, North and South America seems to be easier to play and get chicken dinner compared to Asia server. However, this may be due to the time-difference. The servers are made available for the purpose of higher speed access and improved gaming experience and not skill based. So select the server closest to you and play from that server to obtain optimum ping and smooth game.

Your Location while Playing

You can relocate yourself in other areas of your place or house. Usually, depending on the location, ground and lower floors tend to get weaker network signals. So climbing to the top or higher floors of your house to play PUBG Mobile is an alternative solution. Even better, you can play at your terrace. However, we would like to add a disclaimer here that your safety comes first and we by no means encourage you to play in an unsafe location or position whatsoever. Our point here is simply to help you find a location with better network reception and get a good internet connection therefrom.

Connect to WiFi

This is the right solution in regard to receiving calls while playing PUBG Mobile. If you are expecting a call or are normally getting calls or are playing during daytime, you may receive a call. To avoid getting the server timeout error, connect to WiFi and play the game. The phone call will not disturb your internet connection and hence the issue will be fixed.

Server did not respond. Please return to the login page and try again.

Ensure that you are not running out of Mobile Data

While PUBG Mobile is an interesting game and you are so deeply hooked to it, you may forget to check your Mobile data balance unless you are connected to WiFi. Although playing online games such as PUBG Mobile does not consume much data, you may face the reconnect error if you run out of it mid-game. So this is one common sense which is not so common. Be sure to watch out for this as well.

Your Phone is Consuming Data in the Background

You phone may also be consuming data in the background such as automatic updating of apps especially while connected to WiFi. You can turn off or pause all apps update while playing PUBG Mobile. Even better, turn them off before you start the match. Other reasons may include downloading other files or apps while playing PUBG. So you should avoid that to ensure a smooth gameplay.

It is a really frustrating situation to get this error while you are face to face with your enemy and are so prepared to take the shot. Even worse when they saw you or noticed your presence. PUBG is a game and hence should be played for the purpose of entertainment. We advise our readers to play a healthy game and not resort to any unnecessary reactions when you do not get chicken dinner. You can read our tips on getting the voice chat issue fix as well. Hope this helps. Do comment for suggestions and feedback.

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