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server reconnect pubg 3

PUBG, the massively famous online multiplayer game has encountered a bug that causes the server to reconnect issue. Here’s a couple of ways to fix this issue.

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Complaints from several PUBG gamers suggest that the game has a bug that stops you from connecting to the servers. PUBG has reigned over the global gaming community for quite a while with its amazing gameplay and action. Since it’s an online game, you cannot do without a stable internet connection. The reported bug doesn’t let you establish a connection with a network, displaying an “Internet Error.” PUBG is available on both iOS and Android. Let’s look at the ways we can fix this issue manually.

Firstly, ensure that nothing is wrong on your end. Check through these –

  1. Internet connection is stable and working well.
  2. Internet speed is sufficient for a good gaming experience.
  3. Restart the router/smartphone and check again.

If the issue persists regardless of what you did, then we’ll have to do something called a DNS change. By changing the DNS, we can reconnect to the servers. This works for both Android and iOS.


To change the DNS, visit the WiFi/WLAN section under Settings. You’ll see a list of networks. Long press on the active connection and you’ll see an option called Modify Network. Once you open that, you’ll barely see anything worth modifying. Therefore, tap Advanced Options and you’ll a list. Go to IP and change it to Static.

Now reconnect to PUBG and you’ll see that the server has come back.

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