script unbanned pubg mobile 2019

script unbanned pubg mobile 2019 3

You may once or multiple of times while watching YouTube or scrolling down social media app find an ad or a link to a website that will help you to get a script for unbanned pubg mobile accounts, if you don’t know what a script is it a code that you write down in the files of the game that will help you unlock your ban account.


Some of these links and ads are true and may help you but that is only 1% of all the websites and tutorials out there and most of them just make money of views and that what they want they don’t care about your experience at the game or your user ship so be smart and don’t fall for their tricks even if the website is trusted with the reviews and all.

The only right way to get your account back is by connecting with the PUBG support team and issue your problem and they will help you with all the could offer because they care about the gamers and they want to provide the best environment for all the players, even if you are tempted to use a script it might look like the easy way but it is not.

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