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Basically the problem is that every now and then – anywhere from every 5 minutes to every 5 games – everything in the game will stop; ie people are running but staying in the same place, helicopter rotors are spinning but the vehicle isn’t going anywhere, etc, then 5 seconds later the game will crash and it will say “connection to the server timed out“. You can always re-join immediately as if nothing happened, but it’s pretty annoying

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It figured out that the problem is not because of the computer, because you played many hours at other people’s houses without disconnecting.

So far the possible fixes having to do with network/internet I’ve tried are:

  • Disable UPnP (which was probably unnecessary because I have an Airport Extreme, which I believe doesn’t have UPnP anyway)
  • You can also try to switch in and out or refresh your game sometimes playing for too many hours could lead to request timeout in PUBG.

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