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request timed out pubg 1

The issue of request timeout arises normally when the PUBG player’s internet has a poor connection or limited internet data. Request timeout sometimes hit the server connection, the server would take too long to reply to a data request made from another device. However, the request timeout doesn’t send a detail upon what went wrong, or why the error happened. On the other hand, it identifies the occurrence of the error. Timeouts can occur when connecting to an online service with a game or running a program update, among other situations. If the player was a mobile user this would probably happen for the fact of receiving phone calls or the internet connection breaks in between. Alternative solutions are always available to weak connections. For example, you can relocate yourself simply with a location that with better network reception and get a good internet connection therefrom

The problem might not be always with the poor connection of the internet, sometimes it has a matter with geographical region. In other words, you need to relocate, and this may be due to the time difference.

 The duration of timeout varies depending on which program makes the data request from the server, it can range from a few seconds to a few hours. 

Moreover, server timeout has the purpose of preventing a device from endlessly waiting for a server to respond. Since the problem is connected together, server timeout would defiantly arise the request timeout problem, which is mainly happening for the cause of internet connection. 

All the same, if the program is trying to connect to a server that doesn’t exist, server timeout errors will be caused, for that the server could be offline, or the program could have the wrong address. Yet these errors can be fixed as long as the server does exist. It could be put back online again. 

 Tracking the internet data balance might prevent the timeout error, your data can be consumed within automatic update for the applications, while playing Pubg, unless you’re connected to WI-FI. 

Connecting to Wi-Fi could be a radical solution in regard to receiving calls while playing PUBG Mobile. Avoiding timeout error with receiving calls.  

On the other hand, the problem of request timeout might not be from the internet connection, but still, within simple steps, you can reduce the timeout error. First, you need to go to setting and then logout from the game. Then you will be sent to the first page of the game, where you can find the icon of Fix. Press on the icon, choose Routine Fix and Restore Default Settings, to cancel the updates and remove what has been already saved. 


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