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request time out pubg 5

Request timeout in PUBG appear when you having a connection problem with your network on your device it could last for 20 to 30 seconds but it didn’t disappear you need to know what the problem with your connection.

Sometimes using an emulator to play could lead to a timeout appearing sign so check a good emulator to play with that will not affect your connection signal or crash your online game midway.

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Also if someone keeps ping in the chat room that could make the timeout sign appears while playing assuming that the system is not working so, use an airplane mode always will help with that.

Try to use a wifi connection it will get you the best connection serves and will not give you any request timeout while playing because the wifi signal is strong and hard to interfere with.

If you refresh your game that will help also but might get you killed so make sure you are not in any danger zone cause it will take like 30 to 50 seconds to reconnect again.

Check on all that before you begin the game because it is frustrating to be a concern with the timeout and not focusing on the game.

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