remove ban on pubg mobile

remove ban on pubg mobile 3

For millions of playing logging everyday to play PUBG mobile doing what they could so they could be the best at the game, some players will do whatever it takes up to cheating and getting shortcuts to remove the ban on pubg mobile if they ever got one, and may go far in the game without getting caught so other people will try to do the same and that’s when you’ll get banned from the game. 

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If you get a temporary ban it is because you received a warning for killing your teammates and you continued on doing that, the ban will last for two to three days and then will be removed by PUBG team after it’s done. But more serious violations like hacking into other players’ accounts or being offensive and toxic to other players that could last for years and it’s hard but possible to remove the ban.

You can contact PUBG support team and this is the official way to get help and they are very helpful and will assist you in finding what you need and if you have no reason to be banned from your account will be unbanned as soon as possible and they are very responsive at all social media forms.

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