PUBG’S Latest Snow Map Vikendi Leaked Before Official Release

PUBG Snow Map Vikendi

It’s always exciting when it comes to news about updates for a hardcore PUBG player. PUBG has been adding a lot of updates to its PC/Console version of the game for some time now. After introducing the new Sanhok map a couple of months back, it seems there is going to be an addition of another new map in the game. The latest one is the upcoming PUBG Snow Map Vikendi.

PUBG Snow Map Vikendi

The PUBG Snow Map Vikendi was found online in a YouTube video before its official release. Check it out below.

PUBG Snow Map Vikendi trailed earlier at E3 this year, but not much information was provided about it. The map is expected to be bigger than the Sanhok but smaller than Erangel.

PUBG is, by the way, coming to PlayStation 4.  That could be the official release date. Some believed that the snow map may be released with an update in the second week of December. Although there’s no information on whether new guns and vehicles will be available on this new map.

With the announcement of the Snow Map Vikendi for console and PC versions of PUBG, we hope it will not be long untill the update hits PUBG Mobile Platforms. Fingers crosses.

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