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A third-party app is a way that helps you to play the game and enhance your skills even more. But Pubg is a game that has terms and regulations, which can ban your account for violating it. The banning duration cannot be detected, some reasons can cause short term of banning, but using a third-party app can cause serious and permanent banning. 

Nevertheless, alternative methods of unbanning script is always available, even though without banning your account weather for short or permanent term. 

A few and short steps are provided to pubg unban script and codes. 

Quick Edit is an app, that needs to be installed in your phone so, you can unban script, once the app is open, you need to go through the storage folder. 

QuickEdit > storage folder > emulated > script model.

Script model consists of welcoming message “gg.alert”, script model menu and exist, beside codes. Script codes do have the ability to customize and renaming, once you download the script model.

    E.g. Welcoming message “gg.alert” > (“Louis is welcoming you to his channel”). Save and reopen to make sure of the changes. 

*Note: make sure of the Brackets and Quoting.

 A function is where the script starts, and you only need to change upon address, not all the script. 

Function > your name “gg.choice” 

*Note: using one shape of word in all script capital or small, it should be the same. 


Function > your name “gg.choice” 

Address one > HEAD SHOT

                                        Address two > NOR COIL

                                        Address three > LONG HOLDING GUN

                                        Address four > ANTENNA

                                           Address five > EXIST

Main Script Model is a must that followed by functions. 

If “your name” > == 1 then


If “your name” > == 2 then


If “your name” > == 3 then


If “your name” > == 4 then


If “your name” > == 5 then

Title: EXIST 

*Note: you only need to write the address without title 

e.g If “your name” > == 1 then

Head Shot.


Codes start with Function and ends with End. Once you change the function title automatically will activate. The Activation message can be customized as well. 

Function: title “HEADSHOT”

Apply this method to all script model you have entered, to have an activation unban script without having your account banned. 

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