PUBG unban script download?

PUBG unban script download? 6

If you ever get a PUBG ban you will have to submit a complaint to Tencent Games if you’re sure there is nothing you did to get banned, but if you violate the policies of the user agreement, then you will get banned.

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there are two types of PUBG ban:

  1. Temporary ban: This could last for two or three days max is five just wait for it and your account will be unbanned automatically from the support team>
  2. Permanent ban: If you break the rules and you got banned for years and you want to get your account back you need to contact PUBG team and issue a detailed complain with specific script and proven pieces of evidence.

While you can do it yourself it takes time and needs patience you could find written scripts by professionalists online it is always against the rules and highly prohibited according to PUBG terms and conditions.

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Thre are many scripting websites available online with professional coders who seem to help you fix your issue but eventually, these websites and blogs which provide similar services are not authorized by PUBG company and you’ll face your penalty if you ever used these codes or hacks.

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