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PUBG Battle Royale is coursing through the world of online gaming like never before. This upsurge in the game’s usage has caused several communities to spring up. These communities further boost the game’s status and give out instructions, updates, walkthroughs, and many other things that make your gaming experience better. They show you the tips and tricks to keep in mind while playing, but remember, some of these are against the gaming policy of PUBG and can result in the most severe of bans – up to 10 years.

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You can get banned for many reasons primarily like hacking or cheating codes but also you can get banned from using a VPN or a third party or even not the official game.

To get unbanned you need to connect to the PUBG support team as they will assist you to get your account unbanned successfully  especially if you were banned for no reason at all they will do all the help to let you back even if you cheated and you were remorseful they may consider getting you unbanned so try your luck with that.

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  1. lz sir unban my id all season royal pass purchase
    My id for 10 yaer banned plz help me unban my id.
    iD 5245407104
    Plz sir unban my Id

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