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pubg server timeout 3

When you get in PUBG mobile or while you playing the game and you keep receiving “server timeout” “server timeout” it could sound difficult to resolve but it easy to fix here are some tips that could be useful:

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  1. check your internet connection: if you using your mobile data that could make your signal weak or crash your system maybe you got a call while playing so best for you is to use wifi connection it much faster and stronger and it will not weak your signal while playing.
  2. your location: if you playing in a crowded place your connection will be weak that will lead to server timeout so relocate yourself next to the router or on the ground better than basements.
  3. your mobile device: if your mobile device got not enough space or not high RAM it will breakdown the game so you need to play in a low setting that will help you play smooth.

However, if the sign kept showing in your device while playing after following these tips and nothing happens you can always contact PUBG authorities as they will understand the issue more and guide to the best way possible to solve your issue.

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