pubg server reconnect problem

pubg server reconnect problem 3

When you are playing close to a PUBG win and the server keeps telling you to reconnect, it could drive you to end the game which is something really annoying to every player, but it’s not hard to fix this problem as the solution to that is easy.

You just need to have a strong internet connection as you know pubg is an online game by that check if you using a personal connection like 4G as to get the best out of it keep your phone in “don’t disturb mood” because phone calls affect the internet connection but if you got a wifi connection just make sure that you are close to the router and your signal is excellent or very good.

sometimes your location could affect the internet signal also so relocate yourself for example, if you are playing in an underground place or on the lower floor this could harm the connection so be aware and just relocate and refresh and you are good to go.

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