pubg request timeout problem

pubg request timeout problem 3

If the message “request timeout” keeps appearing on the screen and you don’t know what to do about it is probably for a connection problem you have so try to see your connection signal if it is good.

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Also if you are using a mobile data it’s weak signal and there’re a lot of factors connected to that you may receive a call and that will affect your signal or you in a place that has a low service so the best way you could do that is by connecting to a Wi-Fi networks it much stronger than a mobile data and will not be interpreted by factors you only need to be close to a router or have a medium that will get the best signal to you, also leave your phone in do not disturb mode that will help you a lot and will better your signal and perfect your performance.

If you are playing by using an emulator or a third party that could also affect your connection and get you a request timeout so it is preferred to play with the official app. 

Even sometimes if your phone is crowded with apps that on display it could be bad so try to only be playing with no history apps in the background so your game will be smooth with a great interaction.

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