Pubg request timed out

Pubg request timed out 3

Timeout error is a problem that regular PUBG mobile players can face like many others, and it could be repeated as many times. It keeps saying Server Timeout. Reconnect?

This timeout error issue arises normally when the player’s internet connection is intermittent or limited. This probably will happen in the case of you receiving phone calls or your internet connection breaks in between. Nevertheless, for smooth gameplay, you need a great connection where the ping is below 200ms. The problem might not be always with the poor connection of the internet it can be caused by other helping elements, For example, Europe, North and South America seems to be easier to play and get chicken dinner compared to the Asian server. However, this may be due to the time difference. Moreover, there are alternative solutions to a weak connection. For example, you can relocate yourself simply with a location with a better network reception and get a good internet connection therefrom.  

Tracking your Mobile data balance could save you some time before you have the timeout error, your data can be consumed with the automatic update for the applications, while playing Pubg, unless you’re connected to WI-FI. 

Connecting to Wi-Fi could be a radical solution in regard to receiving calls while playing PUBG Mobile. Avoiding timeout error with receiving calls. The phone call will not disturb your internet connection and hence the issue will be fixed. 

On the other hand, the problem of request timeout might not be from the internet connection, but still, within simple steps, you can reduce the timeout error. First, you need to go to setting and then logout from the game. Then you will be sent to the first page of the game, where you can find the icon of Fix. Press on the icon, choose Routine Fix and Restore Default Settings, to cancel the updates and remove what has been already saved. 

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