Playing PUBG in solos can be so straightforward… You’re the master of your own fate!CHECKOUT SOLO TRICKS  You can choose to play as carefully or as risky as you like. You’re independent and you like it. But now you’re in a squad, and teamwork is the order of the day. You have extra mouths to feed (with loot). People are relying on you – and maybe harassing you when things go wrong! You’re probably feeling like a single parent with three children… this isn’t about you any more.

Most PUBG players start by jamming Solo queue. But moving from Solo games to Duos or Squads can be a jarring experience! It requires skill sets you’ve never had to flex when you’ve been alone, and your teamwork might need some… “revitalization.” Here are our top tips to connect with your squadmates and improve your PUBG plays!

Best squad mates tips in PUBG

Communication, Above All Else in PUBG


  • Give information without giving instructions

This is an especially big issue when only one person is alive. Calling out enemy positions and circle timing is fine, telling your teammate “walk forward now”, “shoot that guy”, “get behind that tree” is counterproductive because they’re already trying to make their own decisions based on available information. More complete information allows them to make better decisions without the need to guide their every step.

  • Do not be silent, especially when making a move

Tell your teammates where you saw enemies, ask for backup if you need it, tell them if you’re going to start fighting, and just generally keep everyone updated and on the same page. Sometimes one of the guys will go Rambo and die without even calling out an enemy position or saying they’re rushing. Have confidence that your team wants to help you even if you’re not sure they’re in a position to. Just knowing where an enemy is before he kills you in two seconds can make a difference.

  • Trim the fat when communicating in-game information

Too many position callouts start like this: “Oh! Oh! I see a guy, at, um…” which just doubles the time it takes for you to call it out and increases the amount of information your teammates have to absorb. Start with the relevant direction so your teammates can start focusing there, and then immediately follow up with distance or number of enemies. Saying “north!” will get your team’s attention just as well as jumping up and down and shouting for a few seconds.


Share The Loot


In any team, there’s going to be personal preferences. Still, most players need an assault rifle, ammunition, armour, and healing items. Remember that in Duos and Squads you’re looking for gear for others – not just yourself. Considering your team is vital to getting geared up early game! If you spot a spare Level 2 armour, call it out and mark it on the map. If you find extra 7.62mm ammo, ask if anyone needs it so you can loot efficiently!

There’s nothing worse than a silent, selfish squad who are only looking out for themselves. You need to be playing to your team’s strengths! If you want to be the cool one-shot-one-kill sniper with your 8x scope, but someone else has the Kar98? Might be best to give it up for the good of your team. Likewise if someone else has a weapon you know you’re confident and comfortable with, just ask them if you could trade.


To sum up: four medium-geared players are better than one fully-geared and three lightly-geared players!

Move As A Team

Compared to Solos, it isn’t often you spot a squad moving out in the open! On your own you’re a single target, difficult to find in large open spaces. But in Squads there are now four of you – and what’s more, you have four sets of eyes on the enemy team scanning for your scampering bodies.


Should you come under fire, things only get worse. You need to find cover for four people, while also trying to plan your exit. You’re probably also being attacked from four different angles! The chances of all of you making it out of this situation are grim, and they’re only getting worse the longer you stay still – giving your enemies time to flank into better positions. This is why you often find squads holed up in buildings rather than venturing out into the big wide world – and why if they do leave their squalid sanctuaries, they do so in vehicles.

When you’re new to Duos or Squads, you’ll have to give more thought to the route you take while traversing Erangel. It needs to accommodate more bodies, and be up to 4 times harder to be spotted.


Fight Together!



Combat is the bread and butter of PUBG, and it’s almost inevitable that you’re going to face some kind of encounter each game. Both indoors and outdoors, your team needs to be moving together to take out enemies. This is far easier outside than around buildings due to the increased maneuverability, but look out for our analysis of how to assault different buildings in the future.

In Squad play, fights aren’t always over quickly! You’ll probably exchange initial blows, get sight on one another, and find cover. But this is an easy way to get into a stalemate, and then you’re counting on out-aiming the enemy to come out victorious… Never a good idea. Instead, try to think of ways to gain the upper hand. This can mean a positional advantage or an informational one – either way, you’re going to need to make a move!





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