PUBG Mobile Update with Snow Map Vikendi on 18th December

PUBG Mobile Vikendi Snow Map

Once again good news to all PUBG Mobile Players out there. Latest PUBG Mobile update with the much talked about Snow map Vikendi is finally coming this 18th December, 2018. There’s going to be lots of new features and we can’t be patient anymore.

So, what’s new in the latest PUBG Mobile update?

PUBG Mobile Vikendi Snow Map

Vikendi Map, of course!

This 6x6km snow map is by far the greatest feature of this update. But.. it’s availability is yet to be announced. A little confusing but we’ll find out soon enough.

PUBG Mobile Update

Snow Theme on the Main Menu

Just like the Halloween theme on the main menu in the previous update, this update will bring Snow theme. Also a new supported language will be added: Arabic.

PUBG Mobile Update

Cross-Over Matching of Players from Different Servers

Another salient feature of the PUBG Mobile update is cross-over matching. Till date, players are matched only from same servers. But with this new update, players from Asia, North America, South America, Europe or KRJP will be matched randomly. This will be interesting as the talent pool for a session will be more varied. But we believed that the score will be added only for the server you selected.

Reporting other players while spectating

Players can also report harassment while spectating after dying. Many might not have used this option before as one had to go the the lobby or main menu and then visit the profile of the player whom they want to report. Cumbersome process might have led to may players not being reported. This issue will be solved this time.

More Rewards on BP Points Spending

Season spending of BP Points is expected to be more rewarding as well. Currently, there are certain rewards for spending 50,000 BP Points. But we are expecting more to come. And who doesn’t love rewards?

Bonus: More finishes of guns will be added as well. 

As always with the previous instances of sizable updates, the servers will be offline on 17th December 2018 from 00:00:00 UTC to 09:00:00 UTC and will be rolled out starting the following day. It has been quite awhile the snow map was rumored and the update is finally coming. PUBG Mobile fans all over the world are going crazy to download this very update. TenCent has never failed us in their major updates so far. And we can only expect more interesting additions in the future.

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