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PUBG mobile game is one of the most growing games for the rest years they own the platform of online gaming with millions of active players every day but due to that they always face some players who are prone to getting a pubg mobile ban because they are using cheat codes and try to get their way to the top without doing the work so that’s why PUBG team have so many restrictions and policies that could be harsh sometimes and get a permanently pubg ban.

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To get unbanned you first need to know how long the ban is and why you were banned because that will help you when you try to communicate with the PUBG support team to get your account back.

If you were banned for no reason don’t worry due to the crowded users and the hackers some people were been wrongfully banned just email the PUBG support team and you will get your account.

All the ads and commercial that you’ll see in your app as a way of getting unbanned with no reason doesn’t actually work and illegal and could harm your device.

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  1. Hi Guys I`m new here i bought i 99$ for Banned my account so please give my money back and Banned my account and sorry in my write my name in a game i Write wrong so please fixed that i swear i pay 99$ for wrong name please my accuirtly name is Mohamad.Habal12345

  2. Plz sir unban my id all season royal pass purchase
    My id for 10 yaer banned plz help me unban my id.
    iD 5245407104
    Plz sir unban my Id

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