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pubg mobile unban script download 5

PUBG is an online mobile game being played by more than 100 million active player daily it so hard to get the team to respond to your ban especially if your account is banned because you cheated by codes or maps or used some offensive names and being toxic that just some hardcore no you will not get back in the game.

if you didn’t cheat just send an email to the team giving some extreme detailed proven evidence that you did not cheat with the screenshots and everything and you may win the case and get back in the game.

in the other hand, you cheated I would say that it really impossible to unban your account as they will never even reply to you but if you want to try just send an email to be as sorry as you can be and be honest you got nothing to lose and if it one of your lucky days you may get it back.

Other than that any attempt to try unbanning your account using any scripts or codes is highly prohibited by PUBG authorities and will get you more deeply in the mud.

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