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Having unbanned PUBG account could be so frustrating due to the extreme policies they have but you need to understand that it is a competitive game that people will take shortcuts in and they need to keep the game safe and secure for all.

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knowing the reason why and how long you were banned could help ease your unban process for example if you were banned for 2 or 4 days just wait and your account will be unbanned after it by the PUBG team and will not need to do anything.

But if you got banned for years and you haven’t violated any policies you could issue a complaint and PUBG team will get to you and help you fix your problem but if you cheated just apologize to them and be sincere about not doing it again they will be fair to you maybe reduce your ban and sometimes unban your account.

You should always take extra care in not trying to unban your account using any illegal scripts or hacks as your account might be permanently blocked because it is against PUBG authorities to do anything without them knowing.

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