PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks for 2019

pubg mobile tips and tricks

It’s 2019, and the players are getting smarter. That’s why you have to stay on top of your game. We’ve listed just a few of our favorite PUBG Mobile tips and tricks for 2019. Keep these in mind, and you’ll notice a difference in your playing experience. Ready to take your gameplay to the next level? Then read on.

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If you’re not already following PUBG Mobile on Twitter, do that right now. It’s a simple thing, but lots of players are getting PUBG Mobile tips and tricks from Twitter in 2019. You can get weather-related tips, see the latest discounts, and get sneak peeks so that you’re prepared for all of the latest upgrades and strategies. It only takes a few seconds to click the follow button, but the information that you get will make a world of difference.

Turn off auto brightness

In 2019, our phones have gotten more advanced, and that’s a good thing. Mostly. Every phone upgrade means more nuanced technology, and that applies to your auto-brightness settings, too. Again, that’s usually a good thing, but not when you’re playing PUBG Mobile. Depending on the time of day, your auto-brightness settings could dim your screen when you need light the most. It’s already tough to see what you’re doing on PUBG. A dim phone screen only makes things worse. Before you start a game, turn off your phone’s auto-brightness settings, and then set your phone’s brightness to a level that works for you.

Evergreen Tips

Now, it’s always good to check out the latest PUBG tips and tricks. However, don’t forget the tips that always work. Some strategies never change no matter what year it is. For example, in any year, your landing is everything. You always want to pick a good landing spot. Otherwise, the game could be over for you within a couple of minutes. Pay attention to the game map early, and then try to land near the best loot spots.

Another tip that never gets old? Approach vehicles carefully. You know that getting a vehicle can give you a huge advantage. Your enemies know that, too. Get a vehicle, but approach it carefully. Keep an eye out for surrounding enemies.

PUBG Mobile tips and tricks

As always, when you’re looking for PUBG Mobile tips and tricks, we’ve got you covered. Keep coming back for more advice and all of the latest information.

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