PUBG Mobile Season 7 Elite RP Leaked Details

PUBG Mobile Season 7

The ever increasing popularity of PUBG Mobile get’s more and more interesting. PUBG Mobile Season 7 is no doubt the most awaited PUBG update of this month. It has come to light that PUBG Mobile Season 7 leaked and there are many information everyone is searching for it now. The current season, PUBG Mobile Season 6, will end this month. As usual, player’s RP will be locked untill the start of Season 7 and every player will get their ranks downgraded once again. Season 6 has lots of new features with the latest update with amazing skins and emotes and we expect the same amount of thrill in PUBG Mobile Season 7.

What is New in PUBG Mobile Season 7?

The leaks regarding Season 7 were first shared by reddit user u/H4rD_ArmY. Apart from these leaks, it is extremely likely that the upcoming update will include a new PUBG weapon, the Skorpian and will also introduce a Companion Pet which was supposed to be their in the previous update. The Companion feature is currently available but clicking it does not do any work.

People are going crazy over these new leaks for the upcoming season. Here’s a video about PUBG Mobile Season 7 leaks.

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Although there will be features which will remain the same as Season 6, such as upto 900 UC for Prime Plus Members. Also you will be able to use your 500 RP bonus when you upgraded to Elite Royale Pass in Season 6.

So what’s new? 7 DAYS Unlimited Custom room cards at RP 95. With this, you can challenge your friends and enjoy hunting them for seven days. This is awesome hahaha. The new season will assure amazing gifts with 10 Royale Pass crates.

Costumes and Skins for PUBG Mobile Season 7

And when it comes to costumes, there will be 9 outfits and costumes. These includes 1 Mythic Item, 4 Legendary items, 3 Epic, and a common item. The coolest feature of PUBG Mobile is the emote and the gun and vehicle skins. Players brag about their unique skins, and this is one main inspiration for upgrades. So the developers knew that and capitalize on it very well with 2 Pan skins, 2 Parachute skins, 2 Backpack skins, 1 Plane skin, 1 Helmet Skin, 2 Car Skins and 3 new emotes to express your emotion as you win or lose. The car skin will be available for the UAZ as the previous two skins were for the Dacia. The list of the skins are incomplete without the gun skins, so PUBG Mobile season 7 will also come up with 5 new gun skins and among them, 3 will be for the Assault Rifle and 1 each for SMG and Sniper Rifle.

PUBG Mobile Season 7 Leak

On the theme front, PUBG Mobile Season 7 will be based on Military theme. The previous ones were of Halloween, Winter Snow, and Spring. We believe that there is way more interesting features apart from those already leaked online.

Spoiler For PUBG Mobile Update

Well, you can count these as either spoilers or features that will once again inject more gaming sense into you. PUBG developer Team knows their fans well and they keep bringing new and interesting features with every update and season. Every new season of PUBG Mobile is set to get better and better only. At this rate, it is highly unlikely that the game will lose its popularity soon. So that’s all we know and rest, will come along with the start of the new season. Until then, we wait.

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