PUBG Mobile Season 4: What’s New on the Latest Update?

PUBG Mobile Season 4: What's New on the Latest Update? 3

So what’s new in the latest update of PUBG Mobile Season 4?

PUBG Mobile Season 4 is now available for users all over the world (starting from November 21). The servers has now connected with all Android and iOS smartphones for the new season 4. In case you’re wondering what’s PUBG, here’s a link for you. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is currently a sensation among online gaming community and PUBG Mobile has seen an immense success since its launch in March 2018. PUBG Mobile has well over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store alone.

PUBG Mobile Season 4

Today, PUBG Mobile Season 4 Update is here. We hope you get the new season via an automated update at the start of the app. So what’s new? In PUBG Mobile Season 4, the previous ratings and Royal Pass has been reset. Let me mention here that as a PUBG Mobile player myself, I started season 4 from Platinum III. I was an Ace level player by Season 3 end. Royale pass is set to zero, which is fair enough as everyone gets a new fresh start. The only thing that is retained in   PUBG Mobile Season 4 being your skills.

Here’s the list of major features of PUBG Mobile Season 4 Update.

1. Royale Pass

Yes we’ve mentioned above that it’s been reset to zero. Previously, upgraded members have golden colours. In season 4, upgraded members can be seen as light blue colour RPs. While you see many players with 100 golden RPs in season 3, now you will see much lesser blue RPs. I have seen upto 30. It may be noted that higher RPs does not have any implication on the skill and level of the player. It is simply a measure of accomplishments of the RP missions ( or upgrades in many cases).

2. New hardcore mode expected

Tencent Games will be releasing the new Hardcore Mode with PUBG Mobile Season 4. This new mode will remove all footstep sounds as well as audio cues. So far, your footsteps are audible to other nearby players, let alone visible in the form of footprints on map. However, the Hardcore Mode will only be available in form of “Hardcore Week” for a limited time period

3. Additional skins, guns, vehicles and more

Updated features of the PUBG Mobile Season 4 will include new skins (along with Joker and Harley Quinn), assault rifle M762 that uses 7.62mm rounds, revamped weapons, backpacks, parachutes menus, a Royal pass for access to weekly challenges with up to 100 RP level, Elite Upgrade and Elite Upgrade Plus options to help players receive level up benefits and paid benefits with 100 UC on every level.

PUBG Mobile Season 4 UpdatePUBG Mobile Season 4 Update

4. New chat system for PUBG Mobile Season 4 with version 0.9.5 update

There will be a new chat system which will reportedly be lighter than the current version and will be able to store more message within the app and using less RAM from the device. There will also be an enhanced matchmaking mechanism where users will be asked to add a second language to get matched to more partners who speak the same language. I haven’t used this but it’s worth a try.

5. Additions in Sanhok map for PUBG Mobile

The scooter and dynamic weather which were seen in the desktop version of the Sanhok map update for PUBG PC will also be added to the PUBG Mobile Season 4 with the version 0.9.5 update. The weather change such as rainfall and thunderstorm was available just before the season 4 was released as well, I’ve noticed.


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