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As an online player of Pubg, internet connection with high ping and speedy connection weather through internet data or Wi-Fi is a must require. Internet breaking in between is the main reason for the request timed out error. Which, brings issues that faced by gamers. Pubg Mobile versions whether iOS or Android can face the problem of server timeout. In order to play the game smoothly, you need to be connected to the internet. However, the “Internet Error” on Pubg happens whenever you have a weak connection or less mobile data that prevent the server from its purpose.

 The first thing you want to do when facing this problem is making sure you have a decent internet connection. If the signal strength in your location is poor then you’ll more likely be facing more of this problem and it would be better to relocate. Also, your phone could be running updates and apps on the background that affect your data usage, you might want to have that off in order avoid this kind of problems, it also helps save some battery life!!


Mobile Server Timeout, does spotlight the problem of the internet since you cannot reach any of the sources without connection. Meanwhile, the DNS server that your ISP is using which has trouble connecting to the game’s servers can be the main obstacle for the connection. On the other hand, this can be fixed, so all you have to do, really, is just change the DNS server from the one that you’re using right now to another one. 

Internet connection and stability is highly requested, as well as the speed and ping, in order to change the DNS server on your phone, and fixing the problem of the server time out. Using your mobile cellular network while playing the game, have a recent reputation of causing problems on both Android and iOS devices. 

Proceeding to the steps of fixing and maintaining. iOS user needs to Jump into Settings app and then tap on Wi-Fi. Tap on the little blue I symbol, that you can find next to the Wi-Fi that you’re connected to. Next, scroll down to under DNS and then tap on Configure DNS. 

*set the configure DNS manually not automatically.   

  On the DNS Servers, slide from right to left on the old setting to delete them and then tap on Add Server to add either Google DNS or Open DNS. The last step is to hit save, and now you are more connected with the game. 

Moreover, Android devices have a different step of changing the DNS servers according to their software and building system. 

Alternative solutions are always available, for instant, you can download a VPN called Opera free VPN. Proceed with setting up process after it downloads. Then set up the app, and you will be faced with a giant connect button. Click on it and wait for it to finish. The moment it finished connecting open up PUBG.


Another thing you can do is connecting to a WiFi, receiving calls on your phone can break down your internet connection and be the cause of this error, therefore, connecting to a WiFi can prove to be a good choice. By using a WiFi connection you avoid intermittent connection.



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