PUBG MOBILE release  IS “TENCENT” the Owner of PUBG MOBILE? 3

PUBG is currently one of the best online video games, This fascinating game made a huge success, and almost every gamer play PUBG now, PUBG FOR MOBILE also made a surprise and got over 100 million downloads in less than 2 years from lunching it, for all you MOBILE or PC players wondering who is the owner of PUBG, which company developed PUBG ? Does “Tencent” own PUBG ?  , who is getting all the money and profits of PUBG, you will find straight clear answers to your questions below, you need to follow with me Carefully:

Development and release of PUBG :

PUBG MOBILE release  IS “TENCENT” the Owner of PUBG MOBILE? 4

In February 2016  Chang Han Kim, a Korean game designer working for the big Korean gaming company called “Blue Hole” wanted to make a “battle Royale”  game he made an offer to another game designer called “Brendan “Player known” Greene, he accepted the offer and became the  Creative Director in BLUEHOLE, the development of the game became in early 2016,in March, 2017 ,the game was released PUBG for PC, the players came to “battle Ground “ fast , for only 20$ they got to live the fantasy of surviving the apocalypse, the game’s player base grew every week, 10 million rounds of battlegrounds were played in the game’s first for months, the game made 11 million dollars in the first 3 days after lunching it, yes you read it right 3 days! In august, it became the most played game on steam, after making all this clear, you will think : ok I understood, but why when I enter to PUBG MOBILE I see it written “Tencent Games”?, as I said before we got your answer


PUBG MOBILE release  IS “TENCENT” the Owner of PUBG MOBILE? 5

After this stunning success made by PUBG for PC, the giant Chinese gaming company “Tencent” reached out to the Developer and owner of PUBG the company “Blue Hole” for getting a deal and lunching PUBG MOBILE , they agreed and “tencent” developed PUBG MOBILE for both IOS and Android Systems, so basically we can say that “Tencent” is the developer of PUBG MOBILE only but he is not the owner of PUBG, so “tencent” and “PUBG corporation” which is a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Blue Hole ,planned to release 2 versions of PUBG MOBILE in the beginning only in china as PUBG: Exhilarating Battlefield,  an abridged version of the original game, and The second, PUBG: Army Attack, includes more arcade-style elements, including action taking place on warships , they lunched both versions on February 9, 2018, combined together, they made 75 million pre-registrations, and ranked 1st and 2nd in china, after it was released the English version of Exhilarating Battlefield only in Canada, and after, PUBG MOBILE gone worldwide


PUBG MOBILE release  IS “TENCENT” the Owner of PUBG MOBILE? 6


this is not the first (and definitely not the last) time when we say that China is the land of mobile game fans. And the fact that Tencent Games is a Chinese company would make you think that the game was first launched in China. But soon after the soft launch, PUBG Mobile was released for the users in the United States and in other 122 regions. There’s no need to say how well was received the mobile version of this multiplayer battle royale title. Launching the game on both platforms was a real benefit. This decision allowed Android and iOS users to enjoy PUBG Mobile at the same time. Moreover, the game for small screens is almost identical to the game for desktop, except the controls, and it has more bulky updates.

“Tencent” surprised the world of gaming by releasing the “Tencent gaming buddy” which is an android emulator that made PC players able to play PUBG MOBILE on PC , to improve control and make players comfortable playing the game, that what made the game More popular and it went worldwide .


PUBG MOBILE release  IS “TENCENT” the Owner of PUBG MOBILE? 7
PUBG became an obsession !

for general explanation and installation guide for both PUBG FOR PC && MOBILE (android/ios) : click on this link





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